January 26, 2005

EU referendum question unveiled

"Should the United Kingdom approve the treaty establishing a constitution for the European Union?"

Obviously I'm deeply sceptical about the EU and will be voting No, and hopefully my vote will be counted since it isn't the 'right' answer, as Green MEP Caroline Lucas says:
" "The EU faces a crisis of democratic confidence. The need for radical reform to place social and environmental justice at the heart of a transparent and democratically accountable EU has never been greater - but this proposed constitution is a step away from, not towards, these goals.""

Make no mistake this will make the EU into the single country that it's founders wanted as it gives it it's own 'legal personality' to sign treaties and do internationally everything that countries do. Nationally it already controls most of the economic levers, particualy in Euroland and is attempting to get control over taxation. As well as immergration, as Michael Howard found, and is already the final arbiter of our laws thanks to the European Court of Human Rights.

The EU is antidemocratic, institutionally corrupt, a massive impediment to increasing living standards in the third world, and we would be better off getting out and falling back into the simple free trade system of EFTA. That however is not on the table, so the least we can do is grab this chance at holting our own progress into 'ever deeper union'.


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